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Know About Rakesh Rajdev Who Runs A Charity And Welfare Hub For Uplifting The Society

Rakesh Rajdev

Rakesh Rajdev is a person who strives hard to help needy people and families in society. He is very passionate about helping the needy people in society through his NGO. Let’s know about him in detail here.

We should understand that we are part of a society which is overwhelmed with lower middle-class families and middle-class families. It can be nature’s distribution that someone is more wealthy while others are lower. Rakesh Rajdev thought that it’s the responsibility of the people who are wealthy to share the wealth with the ones who suffer from poverty.

Rakesh Rajdev

Moving with this as the motivation, Rakesh bhai Rajdev took a great step in opening the charity and welfare organization. The name of the NGO is Kanuda Mitr Mandal which is a government-registered social welfare organization. With this platform, he ensured to supply of food to various underprivileged families.

Particularly during the COVID-19 breakout and lockdown times, Shri Rakesh bhai Rajdev helped several people and families. He offered a helping hand to the labourers, daily wagers and hospitals. Rakesh found that many individuals and families suffered from food scarcity. Hence he helped them by sending a large number of food packages and grocery packages by train to the home town itself.

Also, during the lockdown, there were many people who were stuck in the city. Hence he helped them reach his hometown safely by arranging transportation. He supplied food packages and grocery packages to their hometown itself through 34 trains. He also sent sanitizing materials so that people and families can be safe during the pandemic time.

Rakesh bhai Rajdev ensured that everything was sent safely through the pain without the fear of spreading COVID-19. He also sent the beds, medical equipment and other necessary things to the hospitals and medical centres to support them.

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