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Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) and Kanuda Mitra Mandal – A Great Support For Various Families Since 2011

Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ)

Rakesh Rajdev (Gujarati: શ્રી રાકેશ રાજદેવ, Hindi: श्री राकेश राजदेव) is a simple and kind-hearted person who always loves to support various people and families in society who face many challenges to lead their daily life. He is passionate about helping people and families through his government-registered NGO Kanuda Mitr Mandal.

His main motto is to ensure that nobody will be left deprived and worn out. Though Rakesh Rajdev is a successful businessman running a three-star hotel, he always thinks about the people who sleep with an empty stomach. Following his late father’s footprints, he supported the people as much as he can.

For this reason, he also initiated the opening of the NGO Kanuda Mitr Mandal which is a government-registered NGO which is famous in North India. This NGO is famous for its active participation in social welfare activities. There are many families and individuals who benefited from the NGO.

He understood that society is made up of middle-class and lower-middle-class people. It can be nature’s distribution that some are wealthy while others suffer from poverty. Hence, he always thinks that it’s the responsibility of wealthy people to share their wealth with someone who has less.

Through this platform, he ensured the food supply to various families. Particularly, he stood for many families during the global pandemic season. He helped several families, individuals and hospitals during the pandemic season. He donated food packets, sanitizing materials, grocery packages and many other things on trains to the people’s hometowns.

Also, he offered beds, testing kits and medical equipment to the medical centres and hospitals since there were available in limited stock when compared to the number of patients getting admitted to the hospital. He also arranged luxurious rooms for medical staff to take rest and support the people during the global pandemic season.

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