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An Individual Who Works Sincerely For Social Welfare – Rakesh Rajdev

rakesh rajdev

There are a large number of middle-class and lower-middle-class families in our society. Some families still find it difficult to meet their basic needs, so it’s our responsibility to support them.

Rakesh Rajdev and his team are well known in North India. They work in different sectors of society to make all necessities accessible to all classes. Rakesh and his team devote a great deal of time and effort to the upliftment of society. In addition to supporting the people in many ways, they conduct numerous social welfare activities.

Rakesh bhai Rajdev‘s Volunteer Journey:

Due to Shri Rakesh Rajdev keen observation of society, he has dissected most of the affected aspects and offered various forms of support to these families and individuals.

The labor community is the most pitiful class in society. They live hand-to-mouth and struggle to meet their basic needs. Especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, they suffered greatly.

Therefore, he offered food packages, grocery packages, and sanitizing materials to the suffering families and people to help them cope with the challenging time. The aid was sent through 34 trains to their hometown. Rakesh made sure that all of these were sent safely to prevent the spread of COVID.

People and families faced many challenges during this time, but hospitals and medical centers also faced many challenges due to charity. As a result, Rakesh Rajdev provided beds, testing kits, sanitizing materials and other necessary medical equipment to hospitals for treatment of COVID-positive patients.

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