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Great Missions Of Rakesh Rajdev For The Welfare Of Society

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The best part of Rakesh Rajdev is that he acts as a great supportive organ for needy people and families in society. He works in different sectors of society and makes sure that all the necessities are available for all the classes of society.

He and his team dedicatedly work for the welfare of society. They dedicate their time and effort with utmost sincerity so that they can help several needy people and families in society. Rakesh initiated a social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitr Mandal in November 2011.

Since 2011 Rakesh Rajdev has helped countless families in many ways. He has helped students, hospitals, refugees and many people as well as families. He has also arranged for many blood donation camps so that they will help needy people at the right time.

Volunteer journey of Shri Rakesh bhai Rajdev with this charity and welfare organization:

Rakesh is a keen observer and has helped several affected people in society. He has offered aid in various forms.

Donations offered by Rakesh for the labour community:

He offered food packages, grocery packages and sanitizing materials to needy people and families in society. All this aid was sent through 34 trains to their home town itself. These were carried out especially during the COVID-19 lockdown when the food scarcity reached a new height.

Charity offered for the hospitals and medical centres:

Rakesh offered beds, testing kits, sanitizing materials and other essential medical equipment so that the professionals in the hospitals can offer treatment to the people. Also, Rakesh assured the luxurious rooms for the paramedical staff and frontline heroes.

Rakesh Rajdev was also kind enough to visit the nearby places so that he can offer support to the people and motivate them to overcome the tough situation.

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