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Mission Of Kanuda Mitra Mandal Run By Rakesh Rajdev

We have heard about many social welfare organizations supporting many people in society. Here let’s talk about a famous charity and social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal. This social welfare organization is registered under the government and helps people from all classes of society.

This famous and dynamic NGO is run by Shri Rakesh bhai Rajdev. He is a famous philanthropist as well as a successful businessman. His team works with full dedication and sincerity to help needy people and families in society.

Rakesh Prataprai Rajdev runs this social welfare organization under the motto that “nobody will be left deprived and worn out.” Rakesh understood that society is mainly made up of middle-class and lower-middle-class people. It is nature’s distribution that some people are born wealthy while others suffer from poverty. Rakesh always thought that its wealthy people’s responsibility to support the lower ones as much as they can.

Hence he started the NGO namely Kanuda Mitr Mandal to support the lower ones. He ensured to supply food to the people especially the underprivileged families as much as he can. Particularly during the global pandemic time, Shri Rakesh Rajdev stood as a supportive hand for the people. He supported individuals, families and hospitals that were badly affected at that time.

For the labour community, he supported by offering food packages, grocery packages and sanitizing materials. He sent all these things through 34 trains to their hometown itself. Also, he ensured that all these things are sent carefully to the hometown without spreading any diseases.

For the hospitals and medical centres, he ensured to supply of beds, testing kits, sanitizing materials and other necessary medical equipment so that they can offer treatment to the patients continuously. Also, Rakesh bhai Rajdev helped them arrange luxurious rooms so that they can take rest and offer treatment to the patients.

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