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Rakesh Rajdev And Is 11+ Years Old Charitable Hub

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We have seen many people who are suffering to fulfill their basic needs in life. There are many people who offer support to them. Rakesh Rajdev is one among them. He is a passionate person who offers the helping hand to all the needy and down-to-earth people by offering diversifying aid through his NGO. His social welfare organization is called as Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

Nobody will be left deprived and worn out – this is the main motto of the NGO namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

We should understand that the society is overwhelmed with middle-class and lower-middle-class people. But it is the nature’s distribution that some people are born wealthy while others suffer from poverty. As a responsibility, the wealthy people can support the suffering people as much as they can to make them lead a better life.

With this as his motivation, Rakesh Rajdev run this charity and social welfare organization. With this platform he have taken several social welfare projects to support those people. He ensured to supply food to various underprivileged families. Especially during the global pandemic time, he supported the needy families and people as much as he could.

He is a keen observer of the society and have offered support in various forms to several families and people.

Donations offered to the labour community: He offered food packages, grocery packages and sanitizing kits to the needy families. All the aid were sent through 34 trains to the suffering people’s hometown itself. In this way he ensured that everything is sent safely to the people’s place itself.

Donations offered to the hospitals: Rakesh Rajdev offered beds, testing kits, sanitizing kits and other necessary medical equipment to the hospitals and medical centres so that they can continue offering treatment to the patients without facing much challenges.

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