Rakesh Rajdev

Rakesh Rajdev Strives Hard To Cope With Social Ills

Kanuda Mitra Mandal is owned by Mr. Rakesh Rajdev

Our society is inundated with people from middle and lower-middle class backgrounds. It is a fact of life that some are more financially well-off than others, but it falls to the affluent to do what they can to offer assistance. In order to live up to this commitment, we created Kanuda Mitra Mandal, an organization dedicated to providing food for those who are less fortunate. We provided support when the global pandemic struck, assisting hospitals and individuals in need.

Kanuda Mitra Mandal’s owner, Rakesh Rajdev, is also the founder of two companies in Dubai.

APM Intl DMCC: The investors can get the best quality gold and silver bullion for trading, get solutions for jewelry companies, and refine gold and silver into high-quality bullion.

The Abu Dhabi Global Market authorizes and regulates APM Capital, which was established in May 2021 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi. APM Capital is registered in Abu Dhabi Global Market with the registered number 000005466 and is licensed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority: FSP Number 200034.

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